JAMAICA: Experience the Future of Caribbean Outsourcing

Jamaica has the largest English speaking population in the western hemisphere behind the United States and Canada totaling 2.7 million. 


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What’s the best way to tap into this thriving population of English-speaking Jamaicans?That’s one of the key questions pursued in a new  Nearshore Americas E-report – BPO Jamaica– that takes a fresh look at  a country that both Gartner and A.T. Kearney say is a “market to watch in 2012.”

BPO Jamaica stresses that companies like ACS/Xerox, Teleperformance, Convergys, VistaPrint, and Scotiabank are not in the Jamaican market for pure labor arbitrage, but are instead pushing into more sophisticated BPO, taking advantage of Jamaica’s human capital, the country’s “major strength,” and a strength that is now beginning to flourish in Kingston rather than solely Montego Bay.

Source: NearshoreAmericas.com

  1. Jamaican’s has a great opportunity in the BPO sector.because,Majority of the people who live in jamaica speak in english.this is an added advantage for them.Many members has a chance of getting employed.

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